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What is Primal Patterns?

Primal Patterns

Brothers Charlie and Jake Babb discovered the concept of Primal Patterns in 2011 whilst wrestling with each other after a training session in a field behind their parents’ house in Bath.

Crouched face down on all fours with knees suspended an inch above the grass – like two fighting bears – their lightbulb moment came as they tried to back pedal and change direction from this position.

What had been easy during their carefree, playful childhood now seemed difficult… where had all that natural-born flexibility gone?

Five hours later, the brothers had developed a workout of animal-style movement, including their initial ‘Bear’ pose. Impressed with the intensity level brought by just a few simple exercises, they resolved to become experts… later combining animal, human and hybrid movements to create Primal Patterns™.

As adults we have forgotten how to play or move well.

Charlie and Jake (both now personal trainers aged 29 and 33) believe that adult humans have largely forgotten how to play, and that many of our modern forms of exercise are linear with often isolated and repetitive movements.

Primal Patterns re-teaches people how to move more playfully, yet naturally, safely, with control, dynamism, fluidity and a strong sense of confidence.

Once someone learns how to create, resist, direct and control tension throughout the body, Primal Patterns movements become less cerebral and far more intuitive; like an animal or child, you feel your way into a smooth exercise rather than thinking your way in.

Sitting still is the opposite of playing with movement

Charlie comments: “We start losing our natural childlike movements when we begin preparing for the world. School demands that kids learn to “sit down” and “pay attention” and conduct themselves in disciplined ways. Play begins to fall away, along with those free-flowing, natural, animalistic movements of childhood.”

“In nature if you don’t move then you don’t survive! Whilst life is different now than in our hunter gather days, our anatomy still suggests that we could and should move in more ways than we do.”

Benefits of Primal Patterns

  • Become stronger and more flexible
  • Develop more mobile and stable joints
  • Improve awareness and control of your body during movement
  • Improve core strength, balance and fitness
  • Speed up recovery post injury
  • Have fun

What does a Primal Patterns class look like?

Each 45min class teaches multiple Primal Patterns skills, starting with a warm up to improve mobility and activate key muscle groups. The main part of the session involves learning and practicing various forms or poses. The final, and most fun, part of each class involves more free-form play where you link together the poses you’ve been practicing into a more fluid string one movements or “flow”.

Can anyone attend Primal Patterns?

To become a proficient mover, who picks up new patterns swiftly, it will take 4-6 weeks, attending approximately two sessions a week. Primal Patterns is appropriate for all ages - anyone who is able to sit down and stand up is able to participate. The exercises are scalable, so even if you have never exercised before you will be able to attend a Primal Patterns™ class.

At CLASS Boutique Fitness we have incorporated Primal Patterns as one of our core classes to complement the range of other classes available (yoga and high intensity training).

For more information and to book your two week trial, visit or to read more articles about our other core classes check out these recent posts:

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