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Boutique Fitness at Bath’s Riverside

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Join our culture of health and movement where everyone can enjoy a balance of fitness and nutrition all under one roof.

Turn & Burn - Fitness classes Bath

Our high-energy 45min Turn & Burn™ classes combine whole-body CV and resistance exercise performed at individual stations.

Yoga Bath

We offer a selection of various forms of Yoga which are calming and restorative as well as improving your mobility, flexibility and spiritual balance.

Primal Patterns - Bath fitness classes

Primal Patterns™ combines elements of authentic, natural movement as well as learning new skills and linking them together to create beautiful, fluid patterns of movement.

Upper Class fitness classes

All our classes are available as Upper Class sessions specifically tailored towards the requirements of the over 60s and those new to regular exercise.

Vital Cafe

Our Vital Café will provide you with the tastiest, healthy, fresh food and delicious recovery smoothies for you to enjoy immediately after class.

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